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One Piece-RO Rules
GM-AnxietyDate: Monday, 06-04-09, 8:33 PM | Message # 1
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1] All OnePiece - RO players, being either a part of the DigitaL - RO staff or being a regular player are fully responsible to read, understand, and accept the following rules in order to play OnePiece - RO and all of it’s privileges that comes along with it. Using OnePiece - RO Servers means that all of the following rules have been read.
2] Do not use offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, ethnical and/or other objectionable, pejorative and/or derogatory language toward users. This will get you banned for twenty-four hours at first offense. The second offense goes for forty-eight hours, and the third one will be at GM’s consideration.

3] Never give your account information to ANYBODY. This kind of information is to be kept only to yourself. The OnePiece - RO staff will tolerate the practice of account sharing but will not be held responsible for whatever may happen to your account.

4] In addition to Rule # 3, There will be NO ADMIN that will ever ask for your account (since we can easily find it on our database). And if ever you encounter someone impersonating as an admin / a real admin asking for your account, report it immediately. OnePiece - RO will not tolerate corrupt admins and or players who impersonates as an admin and are subject to any punishment given by the DigitaL - RO staff.

5] And also another addition to Rule #3 and #4, reporting an admin will not get you in trouble whether your accuse was true or false. If you think one of our own DigitaL - RO staff members are doing something illegal please feel free to report it ASAP. But please remember to have proof like screenshots to back up your accuse. But take note: Abusing the point of accusing OnePiece - RO staff members just to test your luck will NOT be tolerated and is also subject to any punishment given by the DigitaL - RO staff

6] There is one general PVP room available to everybody located at our hometown aside from the whole sever itself. Now being PVP lovers just like anybody else, we will not enforce any strict rules when it comes to PVP. But take note: WE WILL NOT CHANGE anything about the PVP room (example: If this certain pot is not allowed, its not allowed. End of story)

8] Dropping loots in town is STRICTLY FORBBIDEN. We will not lock that option to practice discipline. But dropping item will get you a punishment which can be as heavy as a permanent ban depending on the staff’s decision

9] Advertising any kind of Hack, Website that leads to hacking and or any other RO server will lead to an instant IP ban, you get IP banned case closed, you’re gone, bye-bye.

10] In filing in a report against a player / staff member, the player must provide the following:

-Name (of the person you are reporting)
-The offense you are accusing him or her for.
-And most importantly, SS (Screenshots)

Make sure that your report will be of any help to us, since also want a corrupt free and clean server. But unless not enough proof is provided against a certain person then we cannot punish that certain person. (But is still subject to any punishment given by the staff if deemed necessary)

On reporting foul language you must always remember to-

* Have your message box on the bottom of the screen FULLY STRECHED out. Since there are some cases of people who use foul language as a sentence enhancer, but unless the sentence is not offensive, we will not tolerate this practice.

* Always take more than one screenshot just incase our staff will need any more proof.

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Forum » One Piece-RO News And Update » One Piece-RO Rules » One Piece-RO Rules (Rules)
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